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«Lasting Trend will satisfy any of your marketing ambitions»

Tim Absalikov, Founder and acting CEO of Lasting Trend

During the first years of work, we have managed to implement successful marketing strategies for many local small business companies. We are result-oriented and use only cost-effective marketing technologies, which allow our clients to achieve significant sales growth just in a few months.

3-10 new leads
an average daily increase
30% decrease
in customer acquisition cost
50x+ grow
top traffic grow in 24 months
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Our experience helps us to determine which digital channel can help you reach your audience at the lowest cost-per-acquisition. Lasting Trend is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.
We provide all the necessary online marketing services for your business
Content Marketing
We will develop a custom content strategy that brings relevant clients to your website
Link Building
We will outreach webmasters to drive referral traffic and increase your site’s authority
Technical SEO
Technical SEO is the correction of technical bugs. Such bugs are detected by search bots and affect the site’s ranking negatively
SEO-friendly Web Design
Without proper development , a website with a good design can sink on Google. We integrate search engine optimization on a prototyping phase

Meet The Lasting Trend Team

Tim Absalikov
Founder and acting CEO
Tim Absalikov
Tim helps traditional businesses generate more leads by improving their online presence. He created and executed many successful digital marketing campaigns
Senior Project Manager
He can talk about SEO and blogs for at least 12 hours without repetitions
Web Development Lead
Speaks PHP, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL
Roman Galenko
Link-building Specialist
Roman Galenko
Roman is an experienced outreach-oriented link-building specialist. He works in legal, marketing, and other niches.
Full-time SEO Specialist
Illia is a full-time SEO specialist with experience in implementing new strategies for online visibility.
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