author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jul. 22, 2019
Whether you have a solo practice, a small clinic with less than 100 staff members, or an established hospital, you will benefit from proper healthcare marketing. Word of mouth can only take you so far. You’ll eventually reach a plateau and your growth will stagnate. That’s where medical marketing services and healthcare advertising trends come in. To keep cash and new patients flowing into your business, you need a well-rounded medical marketing strategy. What Is Healthcare Marketing? Healthcare providers and systems have no reason not to invest in exploring digital trends in health
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jul. 17, 2019
Say, you have a small but thriving moving business, and you’ve come to the point where you’re looking for an opportunity to promote your business so you can extend operations. But let’s face it – if you’re not a professional marketer, it’s likely you simply do not know how to do it. What’s an effective moving company marketing strategy? What’s the best way to advertise a moving company? How do you get leads? These are some tricky questions. Here, at Lasting Trend, we know how to handle all of these questions and more. And we are ready to share our expertise with you! This article will
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jul. 14, 2019
Have you ever wondered how many people use the Internet when they need to find a company that’s nearby? A recent study claims that 85% of consumers prefer googling local businesses. Among them may be your potential future patients who are looking for a reliable dental clinic in their neighborhood. Losing them would be a disaster, wouldn’t it? Dental internet marketing is crucial for surviving in the modern world. Why are you better than your competitors? What are the main differences in the approach you use, is the qualification of your workers higher than at any other clinic? These ar
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jun. 25, 2019
Back in the day, pest control was a somewhat closed market. You had to know someone who had tried a particular company’s services and was satisfied with the results. And though word-of-mouth marketing is sufficient in maintaining a nice customer flow, it has its limits. One day things changed, and it is now simply not enough to just do a good job and have happy clients. Why did this happen? Today people have practically unlimited access to the Internet. It allows users to find any pest control company they want, read the reviews, and compare the prices and services.  This is why a
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jun. 12, 2019
2016 was a good year for private construction: spending in this sector was close to 899 billion dollars. By 2021, new construction projects are estimated to grow this industry sector to over 1.4 trillion dollars! As the construction business continues growing every day, businessmen have to consider every tool possible to stay competitive and thriving. The name of the tool in question is construction marketing. This is where companies like us enter the game. We provide all kinds of marketing services a construction company may need. SEO, blogs, paid search – you name it, we have it!
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Apr. 26, 2019
If you are looking to attract more customers to your handyman business, some old school methods will not be helpful. Handyman advertising on the internet is a new way to promote your business, gain more traffic and generate leads. If you have not done so, you are missing out on big opportunities. It’s crucial that you build your handyman marketing plan if you want to continue to grow your business. Here is an overview of ten of the most important elements of marketing a handyman service, with ideas on how to manage and a few tips that will help you edge out the competition – and maybe
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Apr. 5, 2019
Marketing your HVAC or business is no easy task, especially in today’s marketing landscape. Today, plumber marketing is a different game. You can’t just rely on outdated methods like placing ads on yellow pages or flyer distributions anymore. While some traditional marketing methods like word-of-mouth referrals and cold calling may still work for your HVAC company, these methods alone do not have enough volume to bring you a steady flow of customers. Therefore, you’ll need to rely on HVAC digital marketing to stand out from your competitors. Read on to learn how to make digita
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Mar. 17, 2019
If you’ve ever asked yourself how best to grow your plumbing business, the answer is simple — plumber marketing. Did you know, the keyword “plumber” is typed into an online search almost a quarter of a million times every month in the United States? That equates to three million searches for a plumber every year. So how can you take a slice of that pie for yourself? That is what we are going to discuss in this blog. We will cover all the aspects of generating plumbing leads online, including: How to grow a plumbing businessHow to get plumbing customersHow do people search for plumbe
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Feb. 10, 2019
How do you go about getting new roofing leads? Are you still relying on word-of-mouth, counting on your existing clients to bring you new ones? Referrals alone don’t bring in much business in today’s fast-paced technology climate. If you don’t have a presence on the web, you could be losing half your potential clients to competitors who post roofing ads and market their business online. There are two distinct approaches to modern marketing — offline and online. The best way to market today is to ensure your offline approach is working in conjunction with your online marketing effort
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