author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 23, 2020
Every sales executive dreams that all their partnership requests will lead to a good improvement in revenue. In reality, everything is a lot more complex, and they sometimes only lead to a minor improvement in real sales – and often, no improvement. It wasn't easy to influence the client's opinion, to inform them about additional opportunities, to remind them about the benefits, or to lead them through all the stages of purchasing a product earlier. Today this is made easier with digital marketing tools. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to configure and automate a system that wi
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 11, 2020
Any business that is interested in expanding should focus on its marketing and branding. Unfortunately, in such a saturated market, just having a good product won’t be enough. Brands constantly need to implement new, inventive ways to make customers connect with their products and services. Due to this, there is a never-ending debate of whether it’s better to go for in-house marketing or work with an agency. Even though most arguments point out that usually, you should outsource to an agency, it makes sense to see the full picture. In this article, we’ll discuss the main factors in the
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 5, 2020
Here at Lasting Trend, we’re known for our passion for helping businesses generate more leads and more traffic via improving their online presence. We have successfully helped countless clients over the years utilize each and every cent of their marketing budget efficiently, and we know that the most efficient way to increase your revenues is a personalized digital marketing strategy. We love to see the small businesses we help grow! Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and of Brooklyn, where we are based. Small businesses are the backbone of the Brooklyn economy — accoun
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Apr. 21, 2020
It’s impossible to deny the significant impact on the business climate by the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. People are isolating at home, international borders are closing, and offline businesses are shutting activity. As a result, the world is facing numerous challenges happening on a massive scale. The current pandemic provokes a shift in consumer behavior, and it is projected to have an influence even after the crisis. As more people switched from buying offline to buying online, brands have made their own adjustments. The Drum reported that 14%  of businesses are mov
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jan. 31, 2020
An experienced and profound business owner is constantly looking for new ways to promote his products or services. However, in today’s world, all promotional techniques eventually come down to digital marketing, as it is now the leading force with its wide range of tools and tricks. Nevertheless, there is no good-for-everyone strategy that will suit any business and also work perfectly on any platform. Each resource requires a unique approach and a deep understanding of its algorithms. Otherwise, one may risk wasting loads of money on something that does not bring ROI. Lasting Trend
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jul. 5, 2019
As a blockchain company, you can’t adopt the same approach as any other tech startup. At the same time, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of effective strategies to bring in investors and users. Since you cater to a distinct audience; your blockchain marketing policy should be no less distinct. Blockchain Marketing Is a System Marketing has traditionally been a weak spot of many tech startups but blockchain marketing doesn’t have to relive that same fate. Your successful ICO is the beginning of your blockchain marketing strategy and you should know how to do marketin
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Jun. 5, 2019
In the modern world, business rules are changing at a high speed. In order for the business to remain afloat, managers are forced, almost every day, to find new ways of development and advancement. The sentence "if your business is not on the Internet, then you do not have a business" has long become a catchphrase. All successful managers understand the importance of online product promotion and the company as a whole. However, methods of promotion are constantly changing, and digital marketing is going in more and more new directions. In this article, we will examine the latest trends
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 31, 2019
Small businesses have limited time, assistance, and resources. A lot of marketing mistakes are made when small owners try to wear many hats, due to handling sales, distribution, customer service, and so on. There is often little room left for efforts to implement effective internet marketing strategies.   Many small business owners wonder: How do I get my business noticed? To stand out against the competition, your digital presence must be current, relevant, and informative so that customers can easily find you and gather the details they need to choose your company with confidenc
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 23, 2019
Technical SEO is one of the most important tools for a website promotion on the Internet. Is SEO worth the money? Technical SEO allows you to optimize site content so that it maximally meets the requirements of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Although quality content itself is also important, the proper implementation of technical SEO will be the basis for further new website SEO promotion. But before we begin to understand the subtleties of online promotion, let us figure out what technical SEO is, what it’s based on and how it works. H1 and Meta and Alt Tags Optimization
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated May. 11, 2019
Following the evolution of modern technologies, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up. Brick-and-mortar businesses are either changing their business models to go online and expanding their digital marketing channels or beefing up existing marketing efforts with marketing strategies for small business– in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.   Even if you receive tons of daily traffic to your website, it would not amount to anything unless the visits convert to leads or sales. This is why your website doesn’t matter
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Mar. 26, 2019
If you work anywhere within the digital landscape, you have most likely heard about cryptocurrency. You may even be part of the crypto industry yourself. The cryptocurrency market has become decentralized, and the era of the Initial Coin Offering or ICO is rising rapidly. Operating in this industry, you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from competitors. With the active promotion, your ICO chain can generate significant business. Today, we are going to tell you about the ICO marketing services and tools you can use to give your company a boost. Let’s jump into our ICO
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Feb. 24, 2019
Digital marketing is the next big thing everybody is talking about. If you are contemplating a career in digital marketing, you may be wondering if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. The industry is witnessing exponential growth, and a job as a digital marketer is one of the most potentially fruitful career choices you can pursue in this modern age — but why? Every day, our world becomes more digital. It is extremely rare to see a medium-to-large company with no online presence. With every passing year, the number of businesses venturing into the online marketplace will only increase —
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Aug. 15, 2018
When launching a new website, some people only pay attention to the web design. Design is important, and your website shouldn’t look nightmarish. However, to make your website visible online, to effectively attract customers, and to generate leads, you need to invest in new website SEO.  If you pursue your goal of a website that attracts clients, you need to optimize your website for organic traffic. This process may not be easy, but it is necessary for the success of your website. This SEO basics checklist can help you understand the steps needed to launch your new website b
author by Tim Absalikov · Updated Feb. 12, 2018
In the world of small business, the goals are obvious, generate as much revenue as possible and expand your business as a local leader in a market niche. The problem? All too often small business owners fall prey to traditional thinking when it comes to marketing. They think traditional marketing is the wisest approach when it comes to boosting brand awareness and offering their products and services. When in actuality they have overlooked or forgotten that the world we live in is a digital one, and to market to that digital world requires a digital online marketing strategy. With its many f
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